We are a growing team of skilled clinicians who specialize in providing holistic & compassionate care to kids & their families in the following ways:


Play Therapy for kids
Sand Tray & Activity Therapy for Tweens and Teens
Family Therapy

Adoption & Attachment Trauma
Childhood Trauma
Social Skills Building

LGBTQ+ Affirming Care
Group Therapy
Parenting Support
Support for Adopting Families & Adoptees
Postpartum Mental Health Care
Trauma-Informed Care
Culturally Sensitive & Competence Care

Our Team

Hi, I'm Heena, Owner and Clinical Director.
I help anxious/angry kids, frustrated parents & postpartum mothers find relief & feel hopeful.

Hi, I'm Bhavika,
I help kids & teens go from sad, lonely and anxious to healthy, well-adjusted and confident.