What the mind forgets, the body remembers.


Strengthen the body

Empower the mind

Transform the soul


(U)Yoga™ is an adjunct service we offer at Uplift Counseling Services in your journey of emotional wellness and self-reflection. With our practice, we hope you re-connect with your body and find yourself again.

We incorporate yoga into treatment that integrates both mind and body, leading to holistic healing.

Yoga helps alleviate anxiety and depression

Yoga helps reduce stress

Yoga helps improve sleep patterns

Yoga helps enhance overall well-being


We provide the following unique Yoga services:

  • Meditative/Yin Yoga for Moms
  • Meditative/Yin Yoga for Therapists
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga

What is Trauma Informed Yoga?

When we think of the word trauma, we often associate it with an experience like war, violence or a catastrophe. We don’t see ourselves as a survivor of trauma, because we may not know how trauma is actually defined.

Trauma is any deeply distressing or disturbing experience that overwhelms our capacity to cope

This could be the loss of a family member, a divorce, a breakup, illness, a house fire, a bad accident, any kind of abuse, addiction in the family etc. It can also include secondary or vicarious trauma, which is the experience from indirect exposure to trauma, like watching a neighbor’s house on fire-it’s not your home but the indirect exposure can also cause you to have a traumatic experience.

When you experience trauma, your body automatically responds with either fight (stay there and fight it off), flight (run for your life), or freeze (brain shutdown). All 3 of these are normal ways our brain reacts to protect it from harm and move it to safety.

Our bodies will often absorb this trauma and when we don’t process the trauma, it stays in our body and we start to experience symptoms of anxiety and trouble regulating emotions even long after the traumatic event has passed.

Breath + Movement + Therapy = Transformation

Yoga can be an adjunct practice that helps trauma survivors recalibrate their nervous system so they can actually begin to heal. However, it’s very important to note that not all Yoga classes are appropriate for a trauma survivor. In fact, some classes can actually be triggering and cause re-traumatization.

Trauma-informed yoga is an approach to creating a safe, sensitive space in which students can learn to regulation skills through connection with the breath and increased body awareness

Trauma Informed Yoga is a different class, a different experience with a different goal, than your traditional Yoga classes in the community.


Here are some principles of Trauma Informed Yoga that set us apart:

  • We assume that anyone attending the class has experienced some form of trauma
  • We believe you are the expert on your body and experience
  • We encourage you to take control of each pose, knowing that everybody is different and there is no “ideal” body shape.
  • We cultivate a judgement-free, safe, comforting and empowering space for all
  • We are aware that some poses/props can make you feel vulnerable and empower you to modify them accordingly.
  • We always “invite” you to transitions and poses, again empowering you to make the choice.
  • We refrain from any hands-on assists, and always ask for permission if you need assistance.
  • Our goal is to help you attain calmness through your breath, postures and movements.

Yoga allows you to feel more connected and aware of your inner true experience.



 Try Yoga & Mindfulness to experience overall transformation.


*All Yoga services are provided by Heena Khan, LPC, RPT who is in the process of completing her Registered Yoga Teacher-200 (RYT-200) training with advanced training in Trauma-Informed Yoga.