Social Skills Group -Kids

COVID-19 update: Our Social Skills Group enrollment is closed for now until further notice. 

Dungeons & Dragons Model

We help anxious and isolated kids learn to interact with new social skills so they feel confident and connected with their friends.

**New Round Starts February 1st! ** (FULL)


Social Skills Group is Perfect for kids who….


▪️Have trouble making new friends

▪️My way or the highway when playing with friends

▪️Often feels lonely on the playground

▪️Doesn’t know how to negotiate with friends

▪️Often drives friends away

▪️Lacks confidence and has low self esteem

▪️Has trouble interacting with kids in a group setting


What if your child could learn ✔️socially acceptable behaviors, ✔️negotiation skills, ✔️feel confident all while doing a really cool, engaging and fun activity with a Counselor!

Social Skills Group can help your kids learn: 


Mental flexibility: see and understand the other persons point of view

Consequence: learn natural consequences in a safe environment

Interaction: learn new ways to interact with peers that is inviting, acceptable and appropriate

Confidence: Feel powerful and confidently make decisions in a group setting


Kids can learn socially appropriate behaviors!


This Social Skills Group is very unique, it follows the Dungeons & Dragons methodology AND it’s led by one of our skilled Counselors, Bhavika Parmar, LPC Intern, supervised by Beth Coles, LPC-S #61349 RPT-S. She cultivates a warm, engaging and dynamic environment while assessing your child and specifically helping him/her navigate the activities so he can work on his social skills.


Kids can learn to tolerate peer feedback!



How does the group work? 

Kids will create their own characters (feels powerful), and play these characters in a fantasy world. Your child (as their character) will work together with others to solve problems, defeat monsters and work a little magic!!

There will be maps and figurines. Your child will keep track of his own character’s thoughts, feelings and motivations and use their imagination and problem solving skills to interface with the world (empowering!)

This is the ultimate group for kids who enjoy fantasy, being in control, winning AND need help in problem solving and interacting with friends!


Details: (FULL) **New Round Starts February 3rd! **

Ages: 8-17

Group size: Maximum 6

Time: 12-1:00 pm, on Saturdays

Dates: 6 sessions (Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, February 22, February 29, March 7)


Help your kids learn social skills for life:

confidence – assertiveness – team work


Contact us to learn more, ask questions or to enroll your your child. Space is limited due to small group size.