As part of our mission and vision, we provide frequent mental health education and awareness events throughout the year to the community. We believe everyone should have access to mental health awareness and education. This is our way to give back and support our communities.

In addition to the free community events, we can also tailor and customize presentations, workshops and seminars to your group, for a fee.

Our CE credit approved speaking engagements include major conferences, community events, local chapters of mental health, and online training through webinars and e-courses.

Seminars on the following topics can be tailored to cater to the needs of the audience.


  • Parenting psycho-education
  • Developmentally appropriate practices in schools/pre-schools
  • Parent-Child Relationship
  • Teacher-Child Relationship/Preschool support
  • Maternal Mental Health
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Domestic Violence 
  • Self-Care for Teachers, Counselors, Physicians and other professionals.
  • Culturally Sensitive practices for mental health clinicians and other professionals.

Heena Khan: Owner and Therapist: Over the past 8 years of training & experience, my role as a mother, South Asian cultural background, bilingual abilities and diverse counseling experiences have shaped my growth and learning in this field of counseling in many ways. I feel passionate about trauma work, preventative care, preschool support for parents, the teacher/parent-child relationship, educating communities about cultural differences and discussing culturally sensitive practices that can have an impact on our little citizens, youth and their families.

For honorariums, appointments, questions, or to schedule a free community event, please contact 214.810.2156 or email