Play Therapy can bring remarkable changes and lasting results in your child

When your child has trouble regulating emotions, you may notice…

  • constant worry
  • frequent refusal to go to school
  • aggressive when he doesn’t get his way
  • trouble separating from you
  • frequent anger outbursts
  • trouble expressing feelings
  • avoiding people or situations due to fear?
  • have trouble sleeping through the night?
  • frequently complains of headaches/stomachaches?
  • experience panic attacks (heart racing, trouble breathing, intense fear)?

If any of the above sound familiar to you, you’re in right place.

I specialize in providing Play Therapy services, which is the most developmentally appropriate approach to therapy for children. 

Play Therapy is to children what Talk Therapy is to adults

Play Therapy can help your child:

  • Learn to regulate emotions, so they don’t feel so out of control and take responsibility
  • Believe that their feelings are important, which raises their self-esteem
  • Conquer their feelings of anxiety, so they don’t have to miss out on school, activities and fun because of fears and worry
  • Express feelings in healthy ways, so they don’t have to act out or kick and scream to express their strong emotions
  • Feel confident in themselves, so they don’t internalize negative messages around them

Play therapy parent consults can help you, the parent: 

  • Learn to see your child with a different lens
  • Begin to focus on the donut not the hole
  • Better understand your parenting style and how it impacts your child
  • Learn healthy ways to set limits
  • Practice ways to respond to your child
  • Look past behaviors, to address underlying emotions

Click here for a short video that explains how Play Therapy Works.

Play Therapy is ideal for children between the ages of 3-10. Play is the natural form of communication for children. Just as adults talk to other adults to communicate, children communicate through play; Play is their language and the toys are their words. Through play children are able to cope with their struggles and communicate their feelings. I have seen incredible ways in which Play Therapy has helped children fight their worries, learn to regulate their feelings and become more resilient.

As a child-centered play therapist, I believe that children have a unique sense of intuition that guides them through their process of healing and transformation. Within the safety and security of the play room, where all feelings are okay, the child begins to unfold and allows the therapist into his world through play. The playroom is a special space where children can have in fantasy what they can’t have in reality. For example: A child who experiences bullying at school, may play with items in ways that indicate bullying, but also bravery, courage and victory. The compassionate client -therapist relationship coupled with continued positive experiences in the playroom empower the child and translate into real life situations outside the playroom.

My approach in play therapy is mostly child-centered, but I also include elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, where I help children become more aware of the connection between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

For tweens & teens, I utilize Sand Tray Therapy and Activity Therapy.

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Click here for a short video that explains how Play Therapy Works.