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The Nurture Lounge


because it's time to nurture you




Pregnancy and postpartum isn't the same for every woman.

As beautiful and sacred motherhood is, pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period can be an incredibly challenging transition for many women regardless of whether this is their first pregnancy or 5th.

I hear you....

You feel lonely...

Despite the supportive people in your life, you continue to feel isolated.

You feel tired already….

And you often wonder how long you can keep doing this "Mom" thing

You feel misunderstood….

No ones gets it

You're expected to be grateful, happy, excited and fulfilled 

Even people who care about you find it hard to understand what you are truly experiencing

You feel inadequate…

You wonder if you were cut out to be a "Mom" and constantly feel like a failure

You crave connection…

You wonder if there are Moms out there experiencing all this just like you....

Yes, there are....they're at the Nurture Lounge, waiting for you.

The Nurture Lounge

A safe, close-knit and supportive community that helps pregnant and postpartum mothers go from feeling misunderstood and isolated to feeling connected, nurtured, and empowered to be the person (and Mom) they wish to be.

In this community, Mothers support Mothers. 

We are here to help you better understand your core self, your role as a mother and this incredible transition in your life, all in a judgment-free zone.

✦Find relief in connecting with other Moms who understand the pregnancy and postpartum struggle.

✦Overcome the guilt and sadness that takes over and keeps you from being the Mom you want to be

✦Find that connection you crave, and know there are so many Moms who would love to connect with you.

What is The Nurture Lounge?

A space where Moms feel heard and understood

A space that is judgment-free

A space where you will learn ways to relax, be mindful and feel more self-compassion

A space where you will learn about the signs of postpartum mental health challenges and tools to address them

A space where you will be surrounded by other moms who intimately understand your day-to-day reality and you collectively find hope, inspiration and support.

A space where you show up, just they way you are.

A space where there is no expectation of perfection or Super Mom status.

•Bottom Line•

Nurture Lounge is the only online community that provides concrete, ongoing support and psychoeduation for Moms, access to experts to avoid the overwhelm and help you discover the confident and empowered mother within.

The Nurture Lounge is NOT:

Your typical Facebook group. The Facebook group is strictly made up of a members who are pregnant or postpartum and has a strong moderator presence who specializes in maternal mental health.

A quick fix. See, when we focus on the problems and the solutions, we lose sight of the person itself. In our community at Nurture Lounge, its not about the problems and solutions. It's about nurturing you, with community, encouragement, support and empowerment.

A Therapy or Counseling space. Therapy is an excellent resource that we often recommend when appropriate. Although the Nurture Lounge is hosted and moderated by a Licensed Professional Counselor and include some elements of self-reflection and psychoeducation, it is not a therapy service and is not intended to be a substitute to counseling.

As a member, here is what you will find at the Nurture Lounge:

An intimate and soulful community of women that are joining to nurture each other as they cultivate lifelong friendships.

Hope soars and strengthens in numbers. This community exists to acknowledge how important to find a supportive community and help you find strength and hope in a shared experience.

Beyond the community support, you will receive live support from me, a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in perinatal mental health, where you can ask questions about any situation you're dealing with.

You will gain knowledge on postpartum wellness and practice self-care more effectively. You'll learn to feel more confident and empowered that every moment, you're doing your best for you and baby.

We feel belonging where we are fully accepted. You, your struggles, your challenges, your highs and lows, are all accepted here. This is a place where you belong.

Connection: You will be among a community of Moms that understand what you are going through. There will be opportunities to connect and learn from each other in an authentic and genuine way.

This is exactly what I need-sign me up!


What to Expect in this community:

  • Moms and Moms-to-be only 🙂
  • A Private Facebook Community group only for Nurture Lounge registered members, moderated by a licensed professional counselor who specializes in maternal mental health
  • Judgement-free community
  • Virtual, online. Join and interact with the community from the comfort of your home.
  • Meet n Greet events, so you can actually meet the wonderful Mamas in this community
  • Meditation and Yoga support
  • Support & guidance on Food & Mood-how your food intake impacts your emotional wellness.
  • Learn healthy ways to bond with your baby
  • Live Q&A/Discussions with me and other experts on maternal mental health, wellness and psychoeducation
  • Challenges, contests and giveaways!



I'm ready for more support-sign me up!


A little about me:

Hi, I’m Heena, a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in perinatal mental health.

I help frustrated and lonely moms feel connected and find belonging.

Pregnancy leads to the birth of a baby but also the birth of a mother. I help Moms recognize that nurturing themselves is just as important as nurturing baby.

I’ve been there. I was a first time Mom a few years ago. Since I’m a therapist, you would think I’d know just what to do and how to take care of myself during this period. I did actually read several books, talked to several people, took birthing classes, drafted a birth plan, and packed my hospital bag! I did all of that, only to realize none of that actually helped me during the postpartum period.

The books, advice, birthing classes, birth plans didn’t help me when I felt overwhelming sense of failure, confusion, anxiety and sadness, especially because no one talks about this "other side" of postpartum or pregnancy.

The truth is, I didn’t know what to do. My husband didn’t know, my family members didn’t know. I wondered what all those rosy images and ads of Moms and babies were all about. They certainly didn’t make it easier.

When I look back at those days, I know one thing for sure: I was lonely and felt like this will never pass, despite supportive caregivers at home.

Fast forward years later, I was able to piece all of it together; became a counselor, acquired advanced training in maternal mental health, launched counseling practice and a Facebook group specifically for Moms: Postpartum Wellness with Heena Khan. I began providing therapy to Moms, helping them feel validated, accepted and empowered.

Those I work with appreciate my genuineness and experience the powerful feeling of being heard & understood. They know I get it.

Knowledge is empowering. Connection is relieving.

It is my hope that you are able to experience what I didn’t during my postpartum period: a safe supportive community of Moms and a professional that really gets it.


Still not sure if this community is right for you?

The Nurture Lounge is for you if:

You're pregnant or postpartum

You're craving connection and support from other Moms who get it

You're ready to join a close-knit community of Moms with a shared experience

You want to grow your understanding of perinatal mental health so you know the signs and can actively engage in prevention

You are looking for a convenient and affordable way to connect with other moms and also have access to trained professionals that can support and guide you.

You're ready for personal growth as an individual and a mother


I'm ready, sign me up!

The Nurture Lounge is NOT for you if you are:

  • You are not pregnant or postpartum
  • You're hoping this community will satisfy your need for affordable counseling services (this is not therapy or a substitute for therapy)
  • You're seeking answers on issues related to medications, counseling or any other medical decisions. We cannot provide any medical advice.
  • You're looking for a space to sell a product or service.
  • You don't like to communicate and engage in an online space


What will be my biggest takeaways as a member of The Nurture Lounge?

The biggest takeaway will be connection, understanding and a supportive community. Each member in the community will experience growth, meaningful connection with other Moms and ultimately create lifelong friendships. You will also learn how to be more confident, compassionate and nurturing to yourself.

How do I engage with the community?

The primary platform of engagement will be the private Nurture Lounge Facebook group that only members can join after they register. However, there will also be live Zoom meetings, which requires you to download a free app. Zoom can be accessed from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.

What is the cost of membership?

For Founding members that register before March 1st, the cost is $22.97 per month (monthly membership fee will increase for future members). The cost is meant to be a rate that is affordable for the members and also sustainable for the Nurture Lounge team, so members can begin and continue to experience the incredible support this group can offer.

Can I join anytime?

Yes, you can join anytime, however, the inaugural rate for the Founding members will end on 1st of March, 2020. As a Founding Member, you're rate will be locked in as long as you remain a  member.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes, at Nurture Lounge, we encourage and empower you to make decisions that serve you best. It is our belief that what you will find here will be so uplifting and engaging that you will stay as long as you need to. You can join any time and cancel membership at anytime. Your access will continue until the last day of your last payment cycle. We cannot process refunds.

How is this different than the free Facebook groups?

Our community will have face to face contact with me and community members so you can gain more knowledge and develop a deeper connection. You will have direct access to me and other experts so you can get answers to your specific questions.

How is this different from therapy?

Therapy is usually individual or small groups where the therapist and client delve deep in to old traumas and hurts that impact their present day to day functioning. The Nurture Lounge is not meant to be a therapy experience. It is purely focused on cultivating an exclusive online community of moms with a shared experience that can find comfort, relief and support from each other.

What if I can’t make it to a live group meeting or Q & A session?

Motherhood can get really unpredictable sometimes! All group meetings are recorded, so you can watch when you’re ready.

How many Moms will be in this community?

My hope is to help as many Moms as possible. But I also want to preserve a sense of intimacy and cohesion in the group. As the group grows, we will have the opportunity to grow into subgroups based on how far you are postpartum/pregnant, first time mom, etc.

What is the advantage of being a Founding Member?

As a Founding Member, you receive a reduced special membership rate for life, that will not be offered again.

Also, Founding members not only get to experience being a part of this community but also shape the community by providing input, suggestions and feedback as we fine-tune the community and its offerings.

I'm honored to be a Founding Member, sign me up!