Heena Khan

Hi, I’m Heena Khan, LPC-S, RPT 

Parenting & Motherhood can be joyous yet stressful, precious yet exhausting, rewarding yet frustrating, evolving yet guilt-ridden. My role is to help you navigate through these waves so you can make it to the shore, with everyone still aboard.

I provide child-centered play therapy for children so they can learn to regulate their behaviors, express & manage their big feelings without hurting themselves or others. I’ve seen significantly positive outcomes in parents and children that struggle with cooperation and discipline. I provide families with evidenced based therapy & support that supports kids and empowers parents with confidence so they can discipline without hurting and resolve conflicts peacefully.

Another area of my speciality is working with pregnant/postpartum mothers and adult survivors of trauma.

I help lonely and frustrated mothers find relief from their overwhelming emotions during the postpartum period.

I help adult women overcome and find relief from trauma, grief and loss due to life transitions or adverse childhood experiences.

My approach to therapy is holistic. When deemed appropriate and beneficial, I address the mind and body together in my sessions by incorporating various therapeutic approaches such as EMDR &  Therapeutic Yoga.

Counseling Area of Focus: 

  • Children with behavioral issues at home/school
  • Adult Women & Children with trauma history
  • Grief and Loss
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Adoptees and Adopting parents/Attachment
  • Perinatal Mood Disorders (Postpartum Depression/Anxiety)


In addition to my private practice services:

  • I’m credentialed to provide Supervision to LPC Associates in Texas. My supervision style can be described as competent, trauma-informed and culturally sensitive. Limited spots available (email for further inquiry).
  • I’m a trained Expert Witness & Expert Consultant and  provide legal testimony related to Trauma, Domestic Violence and cultural sensitivities of survivors of trauma.
  • I serve as the Director of Clinical Services at a local non-profit community agency that serves survivors of Trauma and Domestic Violence.
  • I’ve served as a Mental Health expert on the Head Start Mental Wellness Committee of Plano, TX, assisting Head Start staff to continue to create emotionally healthy environments at school and extending this to their homes by actively engaging parents.
  • Adjunct Faculty at the City Colleges of Chicago where I teach Child Development and Intro to Psychology.
  • Public Speaking: I frequently provide psycho-education seminars in the community and major conferences on Mental Health issues
  • Professional Development for Clinicians: I provide CEU’s-professional development for clinicians seeking to learn more about Trauma-Informed Care & Domestic Violence.
  • Co-Founder of MAPS, a social enterprise that supports the community in navigating their path to mental wellness; MAPS strives to address stigma and barriers to mental health by providing community mental health awareness, education and access to resources.
  • Featured in Dallas Voyage Magazine, Radio Azad Show and Radio Caravan Show.

My Academic Achievements

I received an MA in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University and Play Therapy training from University of North Texas, Center for Play Therapy.

I have acquired the following licensure and credentials:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (License# 69121)
  • Registered Play therapist (T3544)
  • EMDR Trained by EMDR International Association
  • Perinatal Mental Health Therapist, trained by PSI
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hr)

I’m an active member of the Association for Play Therapy and Texas Counseling Association. I utilize evidenced based practices and interventions in my appropriately equipped play therapy and counseling room.

As an individual, parent and counselor, self care is not only essential, but an ethical responsibility so I can be fully present at work and at home. My self care includes, enjoying the outdoors with my husband and two precious daughters, yoga, adding to my travel bucket list, cooking and exploring Dallas’ culinary scene!

Thank you again for your interest in the work I do. Please call 214.810.2156 for a free phone consultation or click here to send me a message.