Find relief and Feel like yourself again

PostPartum Wellness Group is a confidential therapy group for women who experience intense and overwhelming emotions before and/or after the delivery of a baby.

We can help you…

  • learn coping skills to manage your emotions and repetitive thoughts
  • feel happy and be yourself again
  • overcome the mommy guilt, so can actually enjoy your baby
  • love yourself and your body
  • discover new and creative ways to take care of yourself
  • feel more connected to your spouse


Postpartum Depression and Anxiety is temporary and treatable. With professional support, You can feel better. 


Group meets for 6 weekly sessions, 75 min each at Allen office location.

Fridays @ 11am-12:15pm

Topics covered: Coping skills, meditation & deep breathing.


You’re not alone, you don’t have to struggle alone. Join the group to find support and inspiration from other women who feel just like you.


Next round starts October 11, 2019

Enrollment fee: $30 (one time)

Group fee: $60/week


Facilitated by a Licensed Professional Counselor that specializes in maternal mental health.


Due to the small group size, these groups fill up very quickly, please complete the inquiry form below to be added to the list. 

Yes, I’m ready to start feeling like myself again