Get your kids to finally listen and cooperate without yelling and time-outs!

Are you tired of tantrums? Have you run out of ways to deal with your kids’ behavior?

Are you looking for a true and tried way of responding to kids that actually enhances your relationship and leads to cooperation?

If you answered yes, you’re going to love what you read below. 

CPRT (Child Parent Relationship Therapy) is a 10-session program grounded in strong supportive research that trains parents to effectively discipline, by enhancing their relationship with their kids, learning simple and powerful ways to interact with children that increases their ability to self-regulate, be responsible and make the healthy choices even when parents aren’t around.

The most unique aspect of this program is that, you not only receive the what-when-how, but we also do role plays, demos AND provide you with feedback and Q & A. This sequence provides parents with encouraging support and sets you up for success!

This program also serves as a preventive approach; it sets the foundation of the relationship with your child that impacts the years ahead.  The goal is to strengthen the quality of the parent-child attachment bond as a means of reducing child behavior problems and stress in the parent-child relationship.There isn’t much a 4 year old can do that is earth shattering, but there is a lot a 14 year old can do that IS earth shattering. 

CPRT is for you if you are:

  • tired of power battles everyday
  • want to regain control in your home
  • struggling to get your kids to follow rules
  • tired of time outs and punishments that don’t work
  • wanting your kids to make the right choices even when you aren’t around
  • struggling with your child’s trouble separating from you
  • wondering when your relationship with your child will ever get better

In these sessions, you will:

  • feel increased confidence as a parent
  • feel more in control on the situation
  • begin to bond with your child, like never before
  • notice an increase in your child’s self-control and responsibility
  • learn simple play therapy techniques that Play Therapists use in the Play Room.
  • respond and interact with your child in ways to avoid power battles
  • engage with your child on a deeper level
  • set limits in your home without using timeouts
  • learn why your kids behave the way they do

I’m ready to regain control in my home


  • 10 sessions, over 10 weeks.
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Small size group. Limited seats.

I’m ready to regain control in my home