Support your daughter and empower her to make healthy choices

In this workshop your daughter will learn to:

  • respect and love her body
  • feel confident in setting boundaries with her friends
  • know the signs of an unhealthy/unsafe relationship
  • know the difference between consent and coercion
  • feel confident and empowered to refuse consent
  • experience a safe space and group to ask questions and discuss relationship dynamics

We will use art, mindfulness, meditation and activities to help young girls become empowered to be who they are, ask for what they need and say no with confidence.

This workshop is going to be packed with 3 hours of fun, learning and self-reflection!

Date: December 8th, 10am-1pm (16-18) 2pm-5pm (13-15)

Group size: 15 participants


All workshop participants are screened before enrollment to make sure they are a good fit.

Workshops fill up fast due to limited seats. 

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