Delightful Parenting Podcast

It’s finally here!

If you’re a parent looking for short bursts of thoughtful nuggets and deeper dives into the world of parenting, you’ve come to the right place!

This podcast includes topics that pertain to the most common questions I get asked as a Counselor. But beware, the answers are not as simple and straightforward as you would think. What makes this podcast unique is that I take us on a journey that goes beyond simply answering the question and finding a quick solution. Life (and parenting) is more than just problems and solutions.

Parenting is a relationship and we must treat it like one. In any relationship, we focus on several different values like respect, autonomy, grace, trust, safety, connection....and more.

Tune in to the podcast to start tackling every day conflicts by approaching it from a lens that takes your relationship from conflictual to delightful.

In a nutshell, on this podcast we focus on two things:

Connection: How connecting with your kids is the (actual) solution

Relationship: The quality of relationship between you and your child is directly related to the success and longevity of that relationship.