Anxiety can be managed and you can live a more fulfilling life enjoying your day to day activities.

Anxiety is when you are so occupied with an anticipated occurrence in the future that you can’t enjoy the present moment.

Example: Sara was at a family dinner on Sunday night. She was so anxious about her test tomorrow morning that she couldn’t even enjoy the party. She kept thinking about the test, the questions and became overwhelmed with negative thoughts like “I’m going to fail.”

Facts about anxiety:

  • It’s very real and very persuasive, even though it may seem bizarre or unreasonable to some one else.
  • It doesn’t always have a trigger.
  • Anxiety has nothing to do with your strength or character.
  • Anxiety has nothing to do with your spirituality.
  • Counseling does not eliminate anxiety, it helps the you manage the anxiety successfully.

For anxious kids/teens, we provide Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy.

For anxious adults, we provide Individual therapy, EMDR and Sand Tray Therapy

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